Luize Neila frameofmind

My art is my gift to the world

My name is Luīze Neila Pukše. I'm a freelancer illustrator from Latvia, currently based in Barcelona, Spain.
I feel that I have a deep desire to create. I create through my purest self because something inside tells me to do so. It is the energy that flows through me and transforms itself physically in the form of illustrations. Energy flows continuously, so it must flow beyond me. It must be formed and transformed by meeting its enjoyers. I put a part of myself and the information of the collective subconscious into every work. That's how we feel, heal and make each other happy through a work of art. It is a therapy of colors, shapes, stories and experiences. From me to you.

My work ethics

When collaborating with others I am interested in many types of illustration work. Personal comissions, editorial illustrations, posters, branding and more by creating imaginary concepts, visual identity or concept illustrations. I appreciate clear communication, shared values and thoughtful intentions. If you are interested, then don’t hesistate and let’s create together!
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Let's create together